Volunteer to help at the World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023

We will require at least 300 volunteers at this regatta. If you would like to get involved we will require assistance from parking, to registration, to timing and results, to ceremonies and more.

Dedicated volunteers

A minimum of 250 volunteers will be required. Given the long days, volunteers will work in shifts of between 2 and 4 shifts per day, depending on the type of work they will be doing.

Areas requiring volunteers

  • Assisting umpires on outgoing and incoming pontoons
  • Managing bow numbers
  • Piloting boats
  • Holding boats at start
  • Administrative duties in finish tower and regatta office
  • Translation services
  • Assisting boat rental providers
  • Assisting medal pontoon ceremonies
  • Athlete baggage drop off
  • Anti-doping chaperones

Frequently asked questions

  • Volunteers receive clothing and daily meal vouchers
  • Travel to the venue needs to organised and paid independently.
  • Accommodation needs to be organised and paid independently.
  • Minimum age of volunteers is 15 years

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World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023 in South Africa